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Moving can be stressful, but it’s also an opportunity for discovery and change. Each member of the Kalush Group’s relocation team has lived in Boulder County for at least 15 years. We know the ins and outs of the neighborhoods, the schools, the rides, the trails and fishing and boating spots.

We also have a broad and deep network in Boulder to find off-market and coming soon properties for your home search. And once you find a home, we know tradespeople from home inspectors, architects, interior designers, and contractors to electricians, plumbers, landscapers, housekeepers and handymen. We also can help with referrals for professionals from CPA’s to CFP’s, doctors, dentists, therapists, attorneys and more. We are more than happy to be a go to resource to hit the ground running in Boulder.

For clients that sign up with The Kalush Group for their home search, we include for free, 2 hours with one of our relocation rental or education consultant experts (a $250 value).

How it Works

Corporate Relocation



We recognize that moving and changing schools can be challenging. The Kalush Group’s Educational Team helps families navigate school choice and specialists for your children. Our scholastic consultant has over 25 years of experience in Boulder County Schools, specializes in regular and special educational placements, and brings to clients an exclusive database of tutors, therapists and college admission counselors.

Our team will put your family at ease by helping you find the best school for your children.

Our Process:
  1. Get in touch.
  2. For younger students, we conduct a needs assessment which may include reviewing and assessing prior testing, evaluations and special needs (IEP/504/Behavior Plan).
  3. For high schoolers, we support families with college admission counselors who can assist with admission strategies, SAT and ACT tutoring, college searches and application essays.
  4. Meet in person or on-line to identify schools, support options and/or specialists.
  5. Coordinate school visits.
  6. Assist with application and registration.
  7. Facilitate the enrollment process.

Our Services

Rental Finding

The Boulder area rental market is tight. Well-priced rentals frequently receive multiple qualified applications and rent quickly. We are fully committed to helping with every aspect of the process and will do everything possible to position you to be approved over the other qualified applicants.

What we do:
  • Complete needs assessment based on your preferences, commute, and budget
  • Educate you on the rental market availability and process
  • Gather all required documentation for pre-approval
  • Search all sources to find available, criteria matching rentals
  • Take you to top selected properties on viewing day
  • Assist with both the rental application and the lease agreement
  • Guide and help you throughout the entire process
  • Give you peace of mind by knowing you are in the best hands

Area Orientation

Our area orientation tour gives clients the information they want and need to empower their choices, enabling them to make a realistic evaluation of their new community. Even a small taste of what’s to come allows clients to step confidentially into the relocation process, helping them prepare. The area orientation tour will also include pre-screened sample properties that fit our clients’ requirements and preferences.

Topics we cover:
  • Housing: types and prices for rental and purchase
  • Schools: public vs. private and the open enrollment process
  • Local resources, recreation, entertainment, shopping, etc.
  • Climate and weather patterns of the Rocky Mountains
  • Commute patterns: roads, airports, public transportation
  • Official documentation: social security number, driver’s license, opening a bank account, etc. (international clients)

Other Services

No matter where you are moving from or what your particular needs may be, our settling-in services ensure a smooth transition by integrating a comprehensive on-going support program throughout the entire relocation process to address any issues as they arise.

We connect clients with great local service providers: movers, organizers, painters.